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We offer financial advisory, creditor advisory, corporate finance, and customized transaction advisory services. Our role is to represent the best interests of our clients and help them in achieving their goals.

facilitate new bank

Facilitate new bank / investment funds financing for small, medium and large companies

We provide one-stop-shop where you will be able to find a complete range of financing services:

  • Initial assessment of the project and its potential for being financed;
  • Strong collaboration with all major banks and financial institutions in Romania and abroad;
  • Preparing and signing the engagement letter with the client for the respective project;
  • Drafting the business plan and financial projections, based on the information received from the client and in accordance with the specific requirements of each financier;
  • Initial testing of the market and getting investors/lenders interest into the project;
  • Project testing if qualifies to be structured together with a state guarantee;
  • Preparing the full documentation for the project as directed by the lenders;
  • Negotiations with the lenders based on the mandate agreed with the client;
  • Legal assistance during the entire process, with the involvement of top law firms in Romania and abroad.
optimizing bank financings

Optimizing the current bank financings, by reducing costs and leverage

  • Analysis of the current loan portfolio and collaterals in place;
  • Optimization of the loans, by either reducing of the overall costs and/or collateral;
  • Refinancing of the loan with a different lender;
  • Cash management optimization by reducing the fees with the banks;
  • Preparing the full documentation project asked by the lenders;
  • Negotiation with the lenders based on the mandate agreed with the client - loan structure, pricing, financial covenants, documentation;
  • Legal assistance during the entire process, with the involvement of top law firms in Romania and abroad.
advisory services

Advisory services

  • Risk assurance services: Helping clients in creating their financial reporting and internal control, business growth and improvement by assessing risks and controls matters ;
  • Internal audit services: Helping clients to remediate and improve control issues identified;
  • Tax optimization: Helping clients to optimize the tax function with the implementation of efficient tax process.
restructuring of the companies

Restructuring of the companies in financial difficulties

  • Strategic repositioning: The focus is placed on core markets, where expertise exists and potentially profitable business fields. Business operations that have a negative impact value/company's capital will be closed, externalised or divested;
  • Value/Capital focused business model: Working capital asessments and improvements, Business plan development, Cost reduction initiatives, Forecasting and budgeting process implementations;
  • Operational restructuring: The focus here is to strengthen company's organizations and processes. In particular, this work is aimed at simplify production flow and matrix and increas efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Financial restructuring: We advise on the strategies to raise and optimize existing invested capital. On the basis of the strategic repositioning work, the value/capital-focused business model and operational improvements program, we determine liquidity needs and the requirements for a capital structure. Our expertise includes lender negotiations, financial covenants negotiations, waivers, amendments and extensions.

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